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Get answers to commonly asked questions. 


Q.  I took a bunch of attempts on my assignment. Which one goes to the gradebook?

A.  Your latest attempt will go to the gradebook. If you would like to have the highest score go to the gradebook, reach out to your teacher to let him or her know that you have an earlier attempt that was higher. 


Q.  I am in a test and I don't think that any of this content was covered in the lesson. 

A.  StrongMind breaks content up so that it is in smaller chunks by subheading. If the subheading has a + symbol beside it, that means that it can be "opened" to show more content. Be sure that you have opened all available content before moving to the next page or completing an assessment. 


Q. Why can't I move to the next assignment?

A. There are several reasons why you might not be able to progress forward. First check to see that your prerequisites have been met. That you have completed any required work first, and that you have scored the minimum allowable score, if one is required. You can see that under the assignment title on the modules page.  


Q. Can I print assignments?

A. There are resources that your teacher may provide or that may be included in the course in PDF form. These resources are printable. Print versions of StrongMind course content does not exist. If you are looking for a print version of course assessments because of an IEP or 504, please reach out to your teacher or counselor. 


Q.  I'm getting a 401 or 404 Error. How do I clear my cache and cookies?

A.  Clearing your cache and cookies can help resolve a lot of issues with pages loading. To clear your cache and cookies from most web browsers,  press Ctrl+Shift+Delete all at once on the keyboard (Command+Shift+Delete on a Mac) to open the appropriate window. Remember to close the browser and restart it after clearing the cache and cookies.


Q. Why do some of my classes look different than one another?

A. Canvas has a ton of ways for teachers and schools to customize their courses. Just like every classroom at every in person school has it's own layout and personality, every StrongMind class on Canvas does too! One class may have many menu items and others only have a few. Some may have a special homepage, and others open and land on modules or a syllabus. If you are in Elementary school, you might have a different layout than a sibling in an older grade, and some StrongMind provided elective courses may have a slightly different look within each activity. Even YOU can customize your course card colors and nicknames on your Canvas dashboard. Your dashboard, inbox, calendar, and help button will always stay in the global navigation so that you can confidently navigate back to your home base from anywhere. 

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