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Rhiannon Spetrini
Rhiannon Spetrini
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Learn how to use ReadSpeaker, the text to speech feature available in all courses. 

Note: ReadSpeaker is available within assignments as well as assessments. It is not available within Introduction pages. 


  • From your Dashboard, select the course card for the course you want to work in.

choose course.png

  • Select the Modules tab. For some courses, this may also be the Home tab. Then, select a lesson.

Read speaker assignment.png

There are two ways to use ReadSpeaker if it’s available for a lesson. The Listen button or icon, and highlighting text.


To Use the ReadSpeaker Listen Button or Icon:

  • Select the yellow circle icon (elementary courses) or the Listen button (middle school, high school and most elective courses) at the top of the a section or page.
  • The text will be read to you, and you can adjust the speed and volume to your preference. Select the X to close ReadSpeaker.

Elementary View

Elementary Readspeaker view.png

Middle, High School, and Electives View

read speaker upper grades.png

To Use the Highlight Option:

  • Highlight the text you want to be read. Then, select Listen.

elementary highlight text.png

  • The text will be read to you. Select the X to close ReadSpeaker.


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