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Rhiannon Spetrini
Rhiannon Spetrini
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Learn how to use the “What-If” Scores feature in a course.
Notes: The “What-If” Scores feature allows you to enter a possible grade that you could receive on an assignment. When a What If graded is entered, your gradebook will show you what your overall grade in the course would look like if you earned the What If score as a real assignment grade.

  • From your Dashboard, select the course card for the course you want to use What-If Scores for.


  • Select the Grades tab.

Grades Tab.png

  • Select the area under the Scores column for an assignment you want to see a What If grade for.

score column.png

  • Type in a score in the box that appears.

What If Score.png

  • Then you’ll see how your total grade would be affected.

What if.png

  • Select Revert to Actual Score to return to your earned score.

Whatif score.png

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