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☁️ Retake an Assessment

Rhiannon Spetrini
Rhiannon Spetrini
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Learn how to retake an assessment.

NOTE: Typically, assessment limits are as follows: Checkpoints - 3 attempts, Workbooks - unlimited attempts, Unit and Final exams - 1 attempt. Your school or teacher can make adjustments to these limits. Teachers can also add or reopen attempts if they want or need to. 



  • From your Dashboard, select the course card for the course you want to work in.


  • Select the Modules tab. For some courses, this may also be the Home tab.
    Then select the assessment you wish to retake. 

Modules Tab.png

  • Select Retake.

Retake another attempt.png

  • You will be prompted to confirm the retake. Select Retake again.

Confirm retake.png

  • You will see a new attempt for this exam. When you’re ready to begin the exam, select Start.

Start assignment retake.png

  • When you are done, you will see the results from your new attempt for this exam. If you have attempts remaining you can follow these steps to retake the assessment again. 

New score.png


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