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Learn How to Chat with StrongMind Support

Notes: Chat is a feature that allows you to message with a StrongMind agent in real time. You can get answers to your questions by typing directly into the chat. You can also upload files like screenshots and videos to your agent as they assist you. 


  • Select Chat in the bottom right hand corner of the LMS.

    NOTE: Chat will only appear when agents are online and available to chat with students, families and staff. Please be patient as our agents may be chatting with more than one user at a time.

  • Confirm your contact information and type your message.
  • Then, select Start Chat.

  • You will see your chat has begun. You can see your position in the queue, which means how many people are waiting ahead of you in line.

  • Once an agent joins your chat, you will see their name and messages. Select the text box to reply.

  • Type your response and click Enter to send.

  • You can see when an agent is typing to respond to you.

  • Agents may ask you to send files like screenshots or screen recordings of what you are experiencing.
  • To attach a file, select the paperclip icon.

  • Select the file from your computer and select Open.

  • You will see the file in the chat.

  • Click on the ellipsis (…) icon to view options.

  • Select the option you want.
  • The available options are:
    – Sound – turn on or off the notification sound in the Chat
    – Email transcript – allows you to send a transcript of your chat to your email inbox
    – Edit contact details – allows you to edit your contact details
    – End chat – allows you to end the chat

  • To end the chat, click the door icon.

  • Select End to confirm.

  • You can choose to rate the chat.
    Select the thumbs up or down arrow and type a comment.
    Then, select Send.

  • You will see you have rated and ended the chat.
  • Select the – icon to close the Chat icon.

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