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Rhiannon Spetrini
Rhiannon Spetrini
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Learn how to take an exam in Canvas.


  • From your Dashboard, select the course card for the course you want to work in.

  • Select the Modules tab. For some courses, this may also be the Home tab. Then, select the exam you want to take.


  • When you’re ready to begin the exam, select Start.

  • Read the questions and select the answer choice or type in your answer.
  • Select Next to move onto the next question. You can use ReadSpeaker to have exam questions read to you. 

  • Once you’ve completed all the questions, select Finish.

  • Select Yes to confirm.

  • You’ll see your exam was successfully submitted. Select Close.

  • You will see a breakdown of which questions you answered correctly and which questions you answered incorrectly. If retakes are available for that exam and you’d like to retake it, select Retake.


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