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Learn how to view progress for students you are currently observing.

Note: Observed Students allows you to view the progress for all observed students in one place. For each student you will see their progress in all courses you are currently observing them in and completed courses you observed them in.

  • Select Observing in the Global Navigation bar.

Oberserver arrow lightshot.png

  • You will see a list of each student you are observing and all their courses. Students who are currently online will be indicated by the online indicator.

Oberserving student list.png

Note: The default grade listed for students is the final grade. The final grade will calculate a student’s total grade based on all assignments in the course, both graded and ungraded.

The current grade is based only on graded assignments. The toggle in the upper right hand corner indicates which grade view has been selected.

  • Select the toggle in the upper right hand corner to view your student's current grades.

Grade Toggle.png

  • You will see each student’s current grades in all their courses.
  • Select the > icon next to the course listed under that student to view a student’s progress in a course.

Select student course progress.png

For each course you will see:
– the name(s) of the teacher(s) of the course
– the number of assignments the student is missing in the course
– the student’s final or current grade in the course
– the date of the student’s last submission in the course
– how many days since the student was last active in the course

Student Course Display.png

  • Select View Grades to see a list of assignments and assignment grades for each course.

View Grades.png

  • If you are observing multiple students, click the dropdown to switch between them.
    Click the dropdown next to the course name to switch between the selected student’s courses.

Grades page for student with highlight dropdown to select a student and highlighted dropdown to select a course

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