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Rhiannon Spetrini
Rhiannon Spetrini
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Learn how to use the “What-If” Scores feature in a course
Notes: The “What-If” Scores feature allows you to put in a possible grade that you could receive on an assignment. Then your gradebook will show you what your overall grade in the course would look like if you truly earned that grade.

  • Select the course card for the course you want to use What-If Scores for from your dashboard.

Course Cards.png

  • Select the Grades tab.

Grades Tab.png

  • For an assignment, select the area under the Scores column.

Scores Column.png


  • Type in a score in the box that appears.

Type in a score.png

  • Then you’ll see how your Total Grade would be affected.
  • To go back to your actual score, click Revert to Actual Score.

Revert Score.png

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